Syuran Wada

Biography of Syuran Wada

Syuran Wada Syuran Wada began calligraphy when she was a child, and she now has a calligraphic career for over 40 years.

In 1985 she joined a group of Shugaku Sakaguchi, who sought for the beauty of calligraphy in pale Indian ink. After spending years for exhibitions of calligraphy with considerable results, she started the paintings in India ink and color ink under Chuten Shiomi in recent years.

Her career as instructor in calligraphy counts over 20 years. Her disciple varies from elementary school students to elders, and her teaching covers from basics on pen, pencil and calligraphy brush to creation of works.

Syuran Wada and her disciple create calligraphic works with distinguishing features by making the most of the elasticity of calligraphy brush and the shade of India ink with some addition of flavor of paintings in India ink and color ink.